butterfly, American lady, Vanessa virginiensis (Drury)
butterfly, American snout, Libytheana carinenta (Cramer)
butterfly, atala hairstreak, Eumaeus atala Röber
butterfly, cassius blue, Leptotes cassius (Cramer)
butterfly, ceraunus blue, Hemiargus ceraunus (Fabricius)
butterfly, checkered white, Pontia protodice (Boisduval & Leconte)
butterfly, cloudless sulphur, Phoebis sennae (Linnaeus)
butterfly, common buckeye, Junonia coenia Hübner
butterfly, dingy purplewing, Eunica monima (Stoll)
butterfly, eastern black swallowtail, Papilio polyxenes asterius (Stoll)
butterfly, eastern comma, Polygonia comma (Harris)
butterfly, eastern pigmy blue, Brephidium isophthalma pseudofoea (Morrison)
butterfly, giant swallowtail, Papilio cresphontes Cramer
butterfly, goatweed, Anaea andria Scudder
butterfly, great purple hairstreak, Atlides halesus (Cramer)
butterfly, Gulf fritillary, Agraulis vanillae (Linnaeus)
butterfly, hackberry emperor, Asterocampa celtis (Boisduval & Leconte)
butterfly, harvester, Feniseca tarquinius (Fabricius)
butterfly, imported cabbageworm, Pieris rapae (Linnaeus)
butterfly, lime swallowtail, Papilio demoleus Linnaeus
butterfly, little metalmark, Calephelis virginiensis (Guérin- Ménéville)
butterfly, Miami blue, Cyclargus thomasi bethunbakeri
butterfly, monarch, Danaus plexippus Linnaeus
butterfly, mourning cloak, Nymphalis antiopa (Linnaeus)
butterfly, palamedes swallowtail, Papilio palamedes (Drury)
butterfly, phaon crescent, Phyciodes phaon(Edwards)
butterfly, polydamas swallowtail, Battus polydamas lucayus (Rothschild & Jordan)
butterfly, question mark, Polygonia interrogationis (Fabricius)
butterfly, red admiral, Vanessa atalanta rubria (Fruhstorfer)
butterfly, redbanded hairstreak, Calycopis cecrops (Fabricius)
butterfly, red-spotted purple, Limenitis arthemis astyanax (Fabricius)
butterfly, Schaus swallowtail, Heraclides aristodemus ponceanus (Schaus)
butterfly, spicebush swallowtail, Papilio troilus Linnaeus
butterfly, tawny emperor, Asterocampa clyton (Boisduval & LeConte)
butterfly, tiger swallowtail, Papilio glaucus Linnaeus
butterfly, viceroy, Limenitis archippus (Cramer)
butterfly, white M hairstreak, Parrhasius m-album (Boisduval & LeConte)
butterfly, yucca giant-skipper, Megathymus yuccae (Boisduval & Leconte)
butterfly, zebra longwing, Heliconius charitonia (Linnaeus)
butterfly, zebra swallowtail, Eurytides marcellus (Cramer)

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