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wasp moth, Edwards, Lymire edwardsii (Grote)
wasp moth, scarlet-bodied, Cosmosoma myrodora (Dyar)
wasps, Larra, Larra spp.
wasp, a parasitoid, Anagyrus pseudococci Girault
wasp, a parasitoid, Cotesia congregata (Say)
wasp, a parasitoid, Cotesia marginiventris (Cresson)
wasp, a parasitoid, Diadegma insulare (Cresson)
wasp, a parasitoid, Doryctobracon areolatus (Szépligeti)
wasp, a parasitoid, Meteorus autographae Muesebeck
wasp, a parasitoid, Utetes anastrephae (Viereck)
wasps, potter, Eumenes spp.
wasps (of Florida), Scoliid
wasp, tiphiid, Myzinum maculata Fabricius

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