Musings Of A Bug Man

“Let Me Introduce Myself”

           I am the guy you call to save the day when that German cockroach surprises you in the middle of the night or when Rover or Felix brings home some unwanted guests.  When everyone’s much dreaded visitor shows up clinging as a souvenir from your trip; the ever consuming bed bug. It takes over your home and hours of your life.  Although, I much prefer to introduce myself before the day is bleak. I do like the thought of being the one who gets to save the day.  Who doesn’t right? I am the Insect eliminating, bug man!  I fight the good fight every step of the way.

            Bugs are a nasty reality everyone must deal with, like death and taxes. It’s not a matter of if, it’s when they will strike.  Especially here in the sunshine state. Everyone loves this beautiful weather, including the insects. This time of year is termite swarming season.  Like a dark cloud circling and looming, they will engulf and eat away at one of your most precious assets. The subterranean termite will swarm your home and can quickly become any home owner’s worst night mare. Prevention is key to avoiding costly damage. Not only damage to your home but valuable waste of your time and effort. Time is money! We understand this concept, which is why we offer our services within 24 hours or less.


Termites and ants look very similar. Ants however have a waist where a termite will not. This is where it pays to have an expert come out and talk with you and help be your “go to” consultant on all things “creepy crawly”. We offer a competitive termite warranty that will help protect your home and peace of mind. Give us a call to offer our expertise and the opportunity to be your expert.  Until next time, All in one Family, don’t let the “creepy crawlies” invade…call All in one, we get it done!!

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