IMG_-cjf4n1We are a local, family run company with a focus on family and education. With four daughters, and a teacher in the family, education has a very important place in our home and business. We have made giving back to the community a focus of our company. One of the ways we do this is by introducing children to the pest control and entomology business. We do this by emphasizing the importance of the children’s studies and bringing an entertainment factor with it. We believe teaching children how their lessons translate into real world jobs, while making  it interesting, is important. Our founder and president will come into the class room and give a brief 15-20 minute talk about the following:

  •  What his Daily routine looks like
  •  The subjects that are important to his profession (Math, Science/Chemistry)
  •  Display posters about various insects – either display in stations, or    individually,whichever the teacher prefers
  •  Go through specimens of various insects – display in stations or go through individually, whichever the teacher prefers
  •  We bring a larger display of some of the more entertaining insects, as shown below
  •  He will take questions from the children (We keep this within our window of 15-20minutes as we know time is important to the Teacher)
  •  He will pass out some non-edible “insect related” goodies such as pencils, fake bugs and erasers, etc. at the discretion of the teacher.

If you have ideas how All In One Termite and Pest Control can be of service to the Jacksonville community or If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, call or text (904)705-3217or email


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